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Jenna Jameson Marries Girlfriend in Las Vegas

By Lori Perkins

Former porn star and best-selling author Jenna Jameson (49) married her girlfriend Jessi Lawless (40) in Las Vegas this weekend, after a whirlwind romance of six months.

The two tied the knot at the Little Church of the West in Nevada, which was where Lawless’ parents exchanged vows. Since Jameson’s father had passed away, Lawless’ dad gave her away, as she wore a short white wedding dress with a black veil to wed his daughter who wore a black suit. Instead of an Elvis impersonator, they had a Johnny Cash look-alike, according to People Magazine.

Jameson, who has three children, and has been married twice before, said that she feels she “has found the person that I truly should have always been with.” She had come out as bisexual in 2004, but reneged on that announcement in 2008. She now believes that the only reason she had previously been with men was that “I think my driving force were children.” The mother of three now says that she has “really found myself. I’m just accepting of everything that I feel inside and don’t shove everything down.”

The couple said they will have a larger wedding in the near future.


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