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J Lo and Ben Affleck Got Married in Vegas

By Lori Perkins

After 20 years, and a few marriages to others in between, Jenifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married. They had met two decades ago on the film Gigli, which is considered a classic bomb, got engaged and were followed 24/7 by paparazzi, and then broke up. Fast forward to 2021, when Lopez left her celebrity baseball fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and rekindled the flame with the Batman star.

But they quietly married this weekend in Vegas at the Little White Chapel. The Elvis impersonator was already asleep by the time they showed up in Vegas, but they did take photos in Elvis’ own Cadillac. The couple opted for a much smaller non-public eye event this time around for both of them (Affleck has ben married to Jennifer Garner and Lopez had ben married three other times)

Said Lopez of her wedding day in her newsletter, “Last night we flew to Vegas, stood in line for a license with four other couples, all making the same journey to the wedding capital of the world. We barely made it to the little white wedding chapel by midnight. They graciously stayed open late a few minutes, let us take pictures in a pink Cadillac convertible, evidently once used by the king himself (but if we wanted Elvis himself to show, that cost extra and he was in bed).

We read our own vows in the little chapel and gave one another the rings we’ll wear for the rest of our lives,” she wrote. “In the end it was the best possible wedding we could have imagined.”

Lopez added that she wore a dress from an old movie and Affleck wore a jacket from his closet.

Affleck spoke about the relationship in a recent Wall Street Journal, "I've had second chances in my career. I've had second chances as a human being. Life is difficult, and we are always failing and hopefully learning from those failures," he said. "The one thing you really need to avail yourself of the opportunities provided from that growth is the second chance. I've definitely tried to take advantage of that. I haven't always been successful, but in cases in which I have, they've turned out to be the defining aspects of my life."


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