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It IS Agatha All Along Final Episode of WandaVision Airs Tonight

By Lori Perkins

To the surprise of nearly every TV critic in America, WandaVision, the nine episode Disney+ TV show featuring a post-Endgame Wanda Maximoff and her husband Vision set in some sort of imaginary suburbia based on old TV shows, has out-performed last month’s ground-breaking viewership of Netflix’s Bridgerton, the steamy Shonda-Rhimes historical romance. TV writers seemed astounded that Bridgerton was the highest-rated show in January, but WandaVision’s seventh episode was viewed so intently that the Disney+ streaming service was out of commission for 10 minutes in February.

In addition, the 62-second “song” from the seventh episode, “It was Agatha All Along,” accompanying the revelation that Wanda’s next door neighbor Agatha is not only a witch, but has been orchestrating a lot of the strange happenings on the show, became a hit on Billboard’s chart and topped the iTunes chart.

The final episode of the WandaVision series airs tonight, and insiders have said that there is a special guest star appearance. The MarySue speculates that it may be none other than Dick Van Dyke (who appears multiple times in the Wanda’s memories of the TV show that influenced the invented suburban town of Westview, N.J. currently under Wanda – or Agatha’s – control).

I guess we will all find out tonight! Maybe it will be Dick Van Dyke all along?


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