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Is WORDLE too Tame for You? Try LEWDLE

By Lori Perkins

If your mind is in the gutter, or you are truly bored by the limitations of good, clean word play, there’s a new daily word game for you featuring only dirty words.

Based on the premise of the suddenly exponentially popular WORDLE word game where you are given six attempts to guess the five-letter word of the day, LEWDLE, follows the exact same format except all the words are smutty.

This Not Safe for Work version of the world-wide English-language word-guessing game follows the same rules as WORDLE – you are given six guesses, with color coding that indicates your success at guessing, with green as being the right letter in the right place, yellow as being the right letter, and gray as a bust.

Though this may not be the right word game for everyone, I have to say that it seems tailor-made for erotic romance writers, so guess what I’ll be doing every morning before work?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this eventually becomes even more popular than WORDLE.

And for those who find five-letter word guessing too hard, and/or love the perfection of the four-letter word, there’s also SWEARDLE, which uses four letters, but is easier than WORDLE.


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