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iPhone Set to Use USB-C Chargers Going Forward

By David T. Valentin

In reluctance bitterness, Apple finally accepts they will move forward with switching over to USB-C for all their devices going forward. As a Forbes’ article notes, according to Greg Joswiak, Apple’s worldwide marketing chief, Apple was reluctant to comply saying they must “obviously... comply.”

As Forbes writes according to Joswiak, “The Apple marketing chief also argued that the problem of separate chargers for separate devices had largely been resolved by modern charging bricks which have detachable cables—depending on the device being charged.”

The upcoming change was acknowledged a day after lawmakers in the EU voted to “ratify to enforce a common charging standard for all smartphones sold in the bloc from 2024.”

But even that caused a problem for consumers and sounds like Apple pushing to make more of a profit. Forcing buyers to buy multiple wires despite having the same port drives up profits for these companies.

Not only would a universal charger be more convenient for consumers, but it would also be more affordable given that Apple wires go upwards to $20—causing users to purchase bootleg chargers for cheaper through third party sources.

Despite the reason for Apple changing to the EU’s policies, CNBC reports the change will be made for the global marketplace.


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