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Here We Go Again – Winter in Captivity

By Lori Perkins

Yesterday’s newspaper greeted me with stories of New York City restaurants and Broadway shows closing due to COVID 19 breakouts. As I stopped at the local supermarket, next to a doc in the box, there were lines of people outside waiting for their COVID tests. There is absolutely no canned cat food available on the shelves.

And I caught myself saying, “here we go again.”

But this time, I know how to do this.

Not that I am looking forward to what will amount to a winter shut down, but I have a good supply of both masks that make a personal statement (a Wonder Woman/breast cancer mask) and paper throwaways, as well as a pressure cooker and an instapot. I signed up for Instacart and UberEats more than a year ago, as well as every streaming service known to man or cat.

And I did get out and see a few things I wanted to see while the getting out was good. I saw three Broadway plays in three weeks, and a concert! I saw many friends I hadn’t seen for two years. But I know from here on, all concerts and plays for me will be streamed.

And, of course, I’m triple vaxxed, and even dragged a good friend to my local doctor for her booster when we finally got together for lunch.

This time, I am hoping that all those art projects I bought supplies for but never managed to actually do just might get done this next go-round.

I am trying to look on the bright side because this time I do know what’s coming, and even how long it will last. Already looking forward to emerging from hibernation in the spring where I’ll be greeted by Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt in The Lost City (March 25th).


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