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Heartstopper Receives 100% score on Rotten Tomato

By David T. Valentin

After only a few days of release, Heartstopper the new hit Netflix series based off the comics of Alice Oseman, received a unanimous 100% score rating from the critics. As of today, the show has a 98% average audience score.

With only a week after its release, Heartstopper has taken the internet by storm. With its adorable leads Nick Nelson played by Kit Connor, Charlie Spring played by Joe Locke, an inclusive supporting cast, and a relatable story of two people falling in love, the feel-good vibes of Heartstopper’s is a recipe for success.

Viewers have praised the show for its slice-of-life take on the boy meets boy trope without resorting to grand coming out stories and close-minded parents to make viewers feel attached to the characters; making it a show that will define the way queer kids reflect on their feelings and their relation with the rest of the world.

Not only has Heartstopper captivated the hearts of new fans, but the show has also impressed fans familiar with the Heartstopper webcomic, which you can read for free on Webtoons. The comics are also available in physical copies. You only need to go so far as your Instagram newsfeed to see hundreds of reels and picture posts showing off the frame-by-frame comparisons between the TV show and the comics and the accuracy the producers took to adapting as much as they can as accurately as possible. There are only very small details changed such as maybe locations where dialogue takes place. In terms of dialogue, however, the TV show replicates the comic speech bubble by speech bubble.

With the clear success of the show, it’s all but a matter of time before Heartstopper is announced for a season 2. With six other volumes of comics to adapt, Heartstopper isn’t going anywhere.


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