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Golden Girls Sequel The Golden Palace Available to Stream on Hulu Now

By David T. Valentin

Ever since Betty White’s passing on December 31st it seems fan can’t enough of the comedy queen. And as we binge watch Golden Girls, White’s SNL skits, and countless interviews, more and more stories and clips of the actress surface, giving people even more to laugh at.

Now, on Jan 10th, Hulu released the sequel to The Golden Girls, The Golden Palace, where Rose, Blanche and Sophia try their hand at managing a hotel in Miami beach. The sequel was released September of 1992 and ran up until May 1993. With only 24 episodes, the show starred Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty reprising their roles as Rose, Blanche and Sophia, along with notable stars like Cheech Marin, Don Cheadle and Billy L. Sullivan.

While the sequel was not as popular as the original back in the day, the show gives us yet another opportunity to see our comedy golden queens shine on TV. And as people binge watch the sequel series, many fans have mentioned the show is either still funny but not as good as The Golden Girls or not as bad as they remember it upon its release.

As a long time Golden Girls fan since I was a baby, I’ve never watched the sequel nor did I ever see the show doing any reruns. But now that it’s streaming on Hulu, I think I’ll give it a go. Afterall, even though the golden girls might not all be together during the plot of the show, the characters still live on in all their glory.

And if you’re not convinced to watch the show, thinking it might not be as funny or groundbreaking as the original, just let this excellent clip convinced you otherwise.


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