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Gay Penguins Caught Stealing Eggs Again

By David T. Valentin

There seemed to be drama in the penguin LGBTQ+ scene at Amersfoort’s Dierenpark zoo in the

Netherlands. Just recently, two male penguins, determined to be fathers, attempted stealing an

entire nest from a lesbian couple of penguins. But those mamas were not having it.

The gay couple of penguins made headlines last year when they attempted to steal an egg

when no one was looking. Unfortunately, the egg didn’t hatch and the gay couple remained

without a chick. Turns out that didn’t stop them from trying again.

Unfortunately there’s no video of the whole ordeal, but if you go to YouTube and look up gay

penguins there is a slew of videos of other zoos of their gay couples, which might quite possibly

be the new YouTube rabbit hole you might just fall down.


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