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Gay Kid Writes to Santa And the Love Couldn’t be Anymore Real

By David T. Valentin

Every year the United States Postal Services launches “Operative Santa” where private organizations and citizens can participate and write back to children as “Santa.” This year, one LGBTQ+ child’s letter was posted to the USPS website and is taking social media by storm.

In sloppy handwriting, a gay child named Will sent in a heartwarming letter asking if Santa if he “supports” The LGBTQ community. The full letter reads: “Dear Santa, do you support the LGBTQ community and if you can speak to God can you tell him I love him and if he loves me for being gay. Thank you, Love Will.”

It’s currently unknown whether Will wrote the letter in secret or if it was written with the help of his parents.

Of course, there are a few naysayers shouting about how Will is “too young” to know he’s gay – people who have no understanding of sexuality. But the love for this little boy across the internet has drowned out the hate.

If you would like to answer a USPS Letter to Santa, please visit


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