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Elton John Barbie Doll Sells Out

By Lori Perkins

Just hours after the Elton John Barbie doll went on sale, the entire production of dolls has sold out. I believe the last time this happened was in 2018, when Mattel offered the Frieda Kahlo doll. The Elton John Barbie joins other rock Barbie’s such as Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett and Blondie.

The Elton John Barbie was designed with the iconic gay singer who dressed her in a glitter rainbow bomber jacket with the word “Elton” across the front and bell-bottom jeans that could have easily been worn in the 70s. Barbie’s hair is a long mess of blonde curls. The outfit is complete with rainbow sneakers, a lavender bowler hat and large sunburst sunglasses.

Elton John said he was involved in the entire design process, but working on Barbie’s pink-tinted sparkly sunglasses was his favorite part. “I have always loved and embraced fashion as a means of self-expression,” he told People Magazine. “My earliest memories of Barbie all involve fashion and even today, she still inspires our culture, not only fashion but in art and music too. Her legacy, I’m sure, will carry on forever.”

“I’ve managed to accumulate quite the collection of sunglasses over the years – I think over twenty thousand pairs. When working with Barbie to create her head to toe look, I took inspiration from all of my favorite pairs I have worn over the years and envisioned a Barbie pink with a bit of my flare. I think we nailed the final look.”

The doll retails for $50.


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