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Dr. Bronner Embraces He/They as Their PronounsBy David T. ValentinIn unexpected news, the CEO of

By David T. Valentin

In unexpected news, the CEO of the famous 18-in-1 soap, Dr Bronner’s All-One! Company, David Bronner, came out during national coming out day, Oct. 11th.

In a blog post posted on the companies website, David Bronner detailed their experience with their gender and sexuality after what they call a “dramatic LSD and MDMA mediated initiation into spirit world in Amsterdam in a gay trance club called Mazzo, in the winter of ’95, that was also the main underground spot.”

They continued, “In that experience, I realized that I wasn’t ‘straight,’ ‘gay,’ or ‘man’ or ‘woman’—but incarnate soul here to serve and get down, and that my toxic insecure aggressive masculinity was doing violence to my own feminine nature and soul, as well as my partner at the time.”

David Bronner goes on to talk about the history of their own reluctance to embrace their Genderqueer identity due the politics of the 90’s. And after doing some soul searching, experiencing the Queer community and embracing their queer identity, they came to the conclusion that they need to embrace this part of themselves.


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