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Danielle Brooks Gets Married In Fabulous Fashion in Miami

By Lori Perkins

Image taken from @daniebb3 Instagram

Danielle Brooks, one of the break-out stars of Orange is the New Black, and currently seen in DC comics’ The Peacemaker series, got married over the weekend in Miami in the most stunning wedding dresses (yes, dresses – two to be exact) that would put Carrie Bradshaw to shame.

One of her dresses was made by Oluwagbemisola Okunlola working with Alonuko Bespoke. Brooks called it “the dress of my dreams” which she described as a "flesh-toned mesh with custom embroidery and a big huge skirt.”

She added, “It was very important to me to find a black wedding dress designer. When I tell you I hit jackpot finding @alonuko_bespoke, I hit jackpot. She was incredible to work with and even flew all the way from London two days before my wedding to make sure the dress arrived in time. Thank you for your talent and professionalism! Brides, hire her!!! Thank you for adding to my special day!”

A second instragram shot featured Brooks and Christian Siriano posed in front of an open bank vault at the historic Alfred DuPont building. “Words can’t express how grateful I am to have a friend like you. You’ve held me down from one of my first carpets to the most important day of my life! I love you and appreciate your friendship! Thank you for my 3 in 1 dress! Love you @csiriano Photography: @photosbyreem

Brooks wore this dress to bridal party events, which could be re-arranged into a body contouring dress as well as a pants look, making it the above-referenced three-in-one outfit.

Her husband, Dennis Gelin, wore a suit designed by Garcon Couture.

According to an article in Vogue, Brooks and Gelin performed a special ceremony during the service which included melting wax and sealing love letters that they will open on their one-year anniversary. “We cried the ugly cry, and laughed hard,” said Brooks. “Dennis and I did our personal handshake and jumped the broom in honor of our ancestors. It was definitely a night to remember.”

The couple met through a friend of a friend at a game night Brooks organized. “What was supposed to be just another game night turned into a night I will remember forever,” Brooks recalled.

The couple have a two year-old daughter, Freeya Carel, who was the flower girl at the wedding. They live in New York City, but held their ceremony in Miami because it was an easier location for international guests to travel to.


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