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Create Sarcastic Eco-Friendly, Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

By David T. Valentin

Look out, the company Nouveau and Vintage is putting a new spin on Valentine’s Day with sarcastic Valentine’s Day cards, good for your partner and your Galentines.

Nouveau and Vintage is a vintage brand founded by Marisa Rae Corrado in an attempt to fill the void in the market to create a website that curated new fashions and vintage finds. Corrado has been a designer in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Because of COVID, the fashion designer was furloughed from her job, but has now put her full creative energy into launching a lifestyle brand using her namesake Marisa Rae, which focuses on jewelry and décor.

Centered around pop-culture shows such as Netflix’s hit series You, HBO’s And Just Like That, and Seinfeld, each card features a drawing of characters from the shows in a modern, pop cultural style, with some witty phrases.

Their website reads, “These Pop Cult Paper cards will warm anyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day. A little obsessed with pop culture? From guilty reality TV pleasures to binge-worthy shows, their mission is to channel your favorite pop culture moments into giftable goodies.”

And if that’s not enough to get you hooked into buying these amazing cards, each card is printed in Canada on premium eco-friendly cardstock. And that’s not enough to reel you in, the cards can’t be found anywhere else, are only been produced in limited batches, and are handmade, giving each card that specially crafted feeling to it.

You get your copies today, you can head on over to these three links to see which one your partner or Galentine might like best. And if you’re interested in vintage fashion, why not stay a while to give Nouvaeu + Vintage a look around? After all, why not do a little splurging for yourself?

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