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Clay Aiken Set to Make his Second Run for Congress

By David T. Valentin

Clay Aiken, American Idol star, is set on making a second run for congress in this upcoming election cycle as a “proud Democrat.” Aiken seeks to run in the newly drawn 6th district of North Carolina.

In a three minute and 36 second video posted to the celebrity’s social media accounts, Aiken recounts the “progressive beacon” days of North Carolina when, he says, progressives made a push to ensure the state was always moving forward.

Aiken wasted no time in taking a dig toward what he calls “White nationalists” like Madison Cawthorn, who has served as the poster child for the Republican Party since 2020 when he was elected to represent North Carolina’s 11th Congressional district. Aiken also addresses homophobia in Congress as well.

Aiken seeks to push for a progressive agenda that supports Medicare for all, women’s rights, expanding voting rights and battling climate change.


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