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Ciao, Alberto a Disney Short Sequel to Luca

By David T. Valentin

More adventures are coming to Portorosso and our favorite pair of sea monsters, Luca and Alberto, in the fall.

The new short is set to premiere on Disney+ on November 12, 2021 along with Olaf Presents, Shang Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings, and a bunch more.

There’s not much information on the new sequel, but fans believe that it might follow Alberto as he stays back in Portorosso with Giulia’s father, Massimo.

At the end of the film Luca, Luca joins Giulia live with her mother so he can attend school and learn all about the human world. He promises to keep in touch with Alberto, which we see in the end credits of the film through little doodles and letters.

It’s possible while we’ll get to see what Alberto is up to during the school year, we might also be getting a friendship reunion. Afterall, ciao does mean hello and goodbye. Could this possibly lead to a whole film sequel for Luca?


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