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Chloe Sevingy Has ‘Closet Sale’ with Lines around the Block

By Lori Perkin

Hundreds of New Yorkers spent Mother’s Day waiting on line around a New York City block to pick through actor Chloe Sevingy’s second hand clothing and bric-a-brac.

On Saturday, the former 90’s It Girl announced on Instagram that she would be emptying out a storage unit of clothing and selling "everyday staples, Victorian to indie sleaze, designer & tons of denim. Something for everyone." She added that they were previously unworn with tags. Others items in sale included some very personal collectors’ items as evidenced by a Twitter photo of Chloe’s well-worn Birkenstock sandals with the imprint of her foot firmly outlined in their soles. Others bought bags and someone even bought a tube of Gucci toothpaste.

The closet sale is part of #NeverWorns, an Instagram series hosted by Liana Satenstein, a Vogue writer who interviews celebrities about their wardrobes and encourages them to either keep or get rid of things they've never worn.

I wish I could do that.

The line around the block at 676 Broadway was amazing! Someone on Twitter wrote that there was a three-hour wait to get in and, at one point, the line wrapped around the block on Broadway and Great Jones Street twice.

Chelsea Manning was there.

Only in NY. You cannot make this shit up!


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