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Celebrating 4/20 in New York City

By David T. Valentin

Looking for something to do in New York City on 4/20? Leafly’s got you covered with a slew of places a bunch of smokers like to go to light up and have a good time.

As Leafly notes, as of April 2021 cannabis consumption is legal in all places where tobacco is allowed to be smoked. Although it’s technically illegal to light up in city parks, that doesn’t mean that all city parks are monitored the same.

Washington Square Park, for example, is a thriving beacon of fun, packed with all sorts of people throughout all hours of the day. Dancers, artists, skateboarders and cannabis smokers. While we understand the fear of being in Washington Square Park and lighting up, all you have to do is walk by just to get a small idea of the vast amount of cannabis smoked in the park, and how little the police care.

Leafly also has a listing for a whole bunch of 4/20 events, including DJ parties, rooftop parties, Yoga, a Bob Marley tribute, and even a comedy sesh.

You can read the whole article and find out more about the events here.


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