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Broke Bobby and the New TikTok Definition of Wealth

By David T. Valentin

Just last night Twitter was abuzz after a TikTok went viral in which a user posted a video detailing a full spreadsheet on their friend’s earnings, what they’re willing to spend on a vacation, along with PTO. If that’s not bizarre enough, the TikTok user calls his friend who only makes 125k, Broke Bobby while their richest friend makes 5 million.

While a few people took the time to make it a lesson about the vast inequality gap quickly growing in the United States, many Twitter users took the time to point out the absurdity of it all.

Sure, Broke Bobby only makes 125k but that doesn’t mean his friends will be throwing him any money any time soon.

A few people wondered, with the highest income being 5 million, does Bobby ever get chosen to cover the check?

Along with Broke Bobby and his ONLY 125k salary, we have a few details on this TikTokers list that captured attention in a different way that made heads turn. Like, for example, Mr. Cooter.

And along with Mr. Cooter we have one friend who’s listed as “complicated (70%) single. Not exactly sure what the 70% means.

Here are a few others that are my favorite.


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