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British Bake Off Lesson of Gender Inclusivity

By David T. Valentin

TikToker NOTJoshingWithYou finds an unexpected lesson of gender inclusivity language from the show Great British Bake Off.

In NOTJoshingWithYou’s TikTok video, they observe that in the show the judges always address their contestants as “bakers” rather than using gendered language to address them.

They go on to explain how this can be applied to other industries and social spaces. For example, as a teacher referring to kids as students or readers and writers.

A few other users commented on the video, praising NOTJoshingWithYou for the very valuable lesson in the importance of gender inclusivity language, even go so far to share their own stories about teachers and mentors who make it a point to use inclusive language in their fields.

You can read the article here.


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