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Break-Out Comedian Hannah Gadsby Announces Secret Marriage

By Lori Perkins

Today, Hannah Gadsby, 43, the lesbian comedian who rose to global prominence with her Netflix special Nanette, revealed that she married her partner Jenney Shamash in January this year on her Instagram account where a photo of the happy couple can be seen joyfully eating ice cream.

“I would like to introduce all y’all to Jenney Shamash,” she posted. “She is a producer extraordinaire. She is very funny and is really talented at reciting facts. It is a joy to behold.”

Gadsby followed that up with the bombshell, “We got married in January and we are very chuffed about it. For the record: this is me gushing. I am full of very positive feelings. This is a nice story.”

Gadsby then went on to thank “everybody who voted for marriage equality” in Australia in December, 2017, followed by the hashtags: “#married #really? #yeahtotally.”

According Pink News, Jenney Shamash, Gadsby’s new wife, worked as a producer on Douglas, Gadsby’s follow-up show to Nanette.

According to The NY Post, Several celebrities took to the comments section to wish the couple all the best. “awww I love love congratulations,” fellow comic and “The Circle” host Michelle Buteau wrote.

Russian Doll star Natasha Lyonne commented, “Congratulations!!,” to which actress Sharon Stone echoed, “Huge congrats.”


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