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Brand New 2021 Valentine’s Day Treats

By David T. Valentin

Restaurants may be closed due to the pandemic, but you can always get your hands on a good set of chocolates wherever you are. Here at RDN we’ve put together a list of our new favorite sweet gifts that you can give to your partner, or a family member who loves holiday sweets, for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Our number one favorite chocolate treat that we found were the Grogu Box of Chocolates from Target. This box of cuteness and love features milk chocolate caramel filled hearts inside a shiny box with Grogu’s (or most commonly known as baby Yoda) smug little face. This brand-new set also features one with The Mandalorian’s helmet, a chocolate bar with Grogu, and another set that has the imperial insignia with Darth Vader’s helmet. one Buyers might have to go in person for these special treats, as I couldn’t find any links online.

Next up on our list is the Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts. Although I haven’t really seen Sour Patches as many adult’s favorite candy choice, for the few who do enjoy Sour Patches these are a comedic treat. The candy is a bag of Sweet Tarts-like that has little messages on each. The twist? Some have sweet messages, and some have sour messages. First they’re sweet, then they’re sour.

You can purchase these over at Walmart, both in store and online.

For those who love to bake with their partners, you might enjoy this little cast iron skillet cookie and brownie mix. This little set you can also buy over at Walmart for only $7.98. It’s a bit expensive compared to getting some cheap candy and putting together a homemade Valentine’s Day set for your partner, but a big plus to the brownie mix set is that you get a little heart shaped cast iron skillet that you can keep for when you’re done making some brownies. I think that’s a great plus to this kit. And plus, it’s something that you and your partner can make a cute date out of.

Then there’s always a set of new, tasty Hershey treats. Although this year Hershey came out with five new chocolates, I chose the new Hershey’s Kisses Roses, milk chocolate meltaway. These treats have a milk chocolate shell and on the inside a velvety chocolate center. They come in an adorable red wrapping with a rose design, making them the perfect travel sized Valentine’s Day chocolate gift.

Although all of these are cute and fun, what would our candy lists be like if they didn’t include any new M&M’s sets? Now introducing Cheesecake M&M’s packaged in a gorgeous white and gold bag featuring the tiny chocolate delectable treats and featuring my favorite M&M’s character, the seductive, snarky green M&M. Again, you can purchase this brand-new treat for only $2.84 at Walmart and their website.


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