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Book Review: The Hate Project by Kris Ripper

The Hate Project by Kris Ripper

Reviewed by Laura Fliegel

Contemporary romance



Gosh, this was so much fun! I’m an absolute sucker for grumpy and snarky types, so two together was just an absolute delight! Oscar is a bit of an anxious mess but he has a great found family around him who always support him and celebrate even small victories - like only having a few <I>almost</I> panic attacks and no actual ones! Recently added to the friend group is Jack, Declan’s coworker-of-sorts who is snark and vinegar. One night the two decide to have no-strings attached sex and when Dec convinces Oscar to take the job cleaning up Jack’s house for sale, it becomes convenient to continue having sex together. One of my favorite parts of this series is 100% the chosen family. The different personalities and the different ways the support each other and show their care is wonderful. I need to read more from Kris Ripper just for how ze writes chosen family! I found Oscar’s anxiety extremely relatable, especially the spirals he catches himself in. I love the ways he has check-ins with his friends, especially Ronnie, and they respect his needs when it comes to anxiety spirals and panic attacks. I also usually despise “breakups” in last third of a book, but this made a lot of sense in the miscommunication and anxiety sense, and I love how things were resolved in the end. The emphasis on communication and working with different conflict resolution methods was just, gah, I adored this book! Meeting Oscar in The Love Study, I was very excited for his book (more grumpy, anxious stories!) and this didn’t disappoint! I had so much fun reading this and I especially love how grumpy and snarky Jack and Oscar are together. Their antagonism and the ways they work together was a delight.

Published by Carina Adores, April 27, 2021


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