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Book Review: Ravensong by TJ Klune

By David T. Valentin

Ravensong, Book 2 of the Greencreek series

By TJ Klune

Narrated by Kirt Graves

Fantasy romance


If Wolfsong was the excessiveness of over-extended prose, Ravensong is the trimmed, leanness that cuts away much of that excess to really show off the best of the Greencreek series.

Ravensong takes us through Gordo Livingstone’s—the Bennett packs witch—perspective as he wrestles with his distrust of the Bennett pack after they left him over 20 years ago because of the sins of his father, a rogue witch named Robert Livingstone. Now, as Gordo’s father makes his presence public after going underground for years, Gordo must rise to the challenge and decide whether he truly wants to be the Bennett pack’s witch all while he tries to eventually rekindle his love for his mate, who also left him all those years ago.

It's important to give credit to Wolfsong to give Ravensong the permission to be the fantastic beast that it is. Without the worldbuilding and character development due to the heavy expository prose in Wolfsong, I don’t think Ravensong would be as emotional as it was for me. While it’s true I thought Wolfsong dragged on at times, it clearly paid off in Ravensong as the second book in the series doesn’t miss a beat. Ravensong is incredibly fast paced without ever losing the rich detail that immerses readers into the expansive that is the Greencreek series.

And why should we be surprised? Tj Kune does his best when he sticks to the emotional ties of the story without going too big, ensuring that every character and each of their motivations are fully fleshed out in their own unique way in even the worst circumstances in which these characters find themselves. The result is a plot that feels driven by the characters, while keeping enough mystery to leave the reader guessing what’s going to happen next.


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