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Book Review: A Rogue to Ruin (Untouchables: Pretenders #3) by Darcy Burke

A Rogue to Ruin (Untouchables: Pretenders #3) by Darcy Burke

Reviewed by Cardyn Brooks

Historical romance



During the height of the 1819 London social season Anne Pemberton glides along as one of the most desirable on the Marriage Mart, until disaster strikes, tainting her reputation and shrinking her options. Is it the end of her marital dreams, or an opportunity to pursue a deeper connection with the intriguing stranger she met in a bookshop one afternoon?

Former thief Rafe Blackwell is mad, bad and dangerous for a respectable woman to know. His true identity and the details of his past are mysteries, even to Rafe. Someone`s willing to kill to ensure they remain unsolved. For that reason and many more Rafe tries to convince himself and Anne that he's not good enough to love her. Anne disagrees, producing a tender-hearted, super sexy, perfectly-pitched conclusion to this Pretenders series.

A compelling cast of multifaceted characters populate overlapping networks of family by blood, by choice, and strange bedfellows, mixing a rich blend of inner conflicts, divided loyalties, and charm. If Anne and Rafe's fractious love story had a modern theme song, “We Found Love" by Rihanna would make a suitable one. Fans of the overall tone of Eloisa James's Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers series should also enjoy Darcy Burke whose storytelling talents are undeniable.

Published by Darcy Burke Publishing, February 23, 2021


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