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Billy Eichner and Luke Mcfarlene Set to Star in First LGBTQ Rom-com Produced by a Major Studio

By David T. Valentin

Billy Eichner, famous for his skit of Billy on the Street where he gets into random shenanigans with pedestrians, is set to star as lead in the first gay rom-com produced by a major studio, Universal Studios. Not only that, but the cast is also set to be the first full LGBTQ+ cast in a major studio production.

In the trailer, Eichner’s character discusses with Hollywood producers about creating a romantic gay film that “a straight guy might even like.” Hilarity ensues after as Eichner’s character declares queer relationships are nothing like straight relationship. The scene then cuts to some hilarious, authentic queer moments that many LGBTQ+ can identify with one way or another.

Eichner spoke of the project, telling media he wanted to create a movie “that felt authentic for the LGBTQ folks that the movie is about.”

“While it’s insane to me that it took this long to get this movie made, it’s still incredibly exciting to me – and a real sign of progress – that the same studio making movies like ‘Jurassic World and The Fast and the Furious is also releasing this R rated gay rom with an all LGBTQ_ cast and with as much passion and enthusiasm as they release those other films.

The film is set to premiere September 30th of this year.

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