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Betty White Honored by Google and So Many Others

By David T. Valentin

Yesterday, January 17th, would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday, and almost three weeks since her passing it seems the memory of the late Hollywood star is stronger than ever.

In celebration of her birthday, Google played homage to Betty with her very own filter. By typing in “Betty White” in Google search, roses flowered down from the top of the screen—an homage the actresses Golden Girls character Rose Nylund—as the words “Thank you for being a friend 1922-2021” in stylized cursive floats up from the bottom of the screen.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the heartwarming tribute, you can still go on Google today, search her name and see for yourself as tears inevitably well up in your eyes.

For Betty White’s birthday her assistant Kiersten shared what is believed to be the very last photo of the Hollywood icon. Dressed in what appears to be green, square-patterned jacket and white pants, Betty sits on an armchair with a full smile and radiant as ever even at 99 years old.

Honoring Betty’s deep love for animals and her lifelong commitment to helping animal shelters and charities, fans donated money to many local animal shelters. With #BettyWhiteChallenge people shared how they donated just $5 to local animal shelters.

It goes without saying that the love that Betty White showed in her lifetime is contagious, so much so that even at the age of 99 fans of the Hollywood icon believed she died too soon, a testament of a life well lived.


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