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Battle of the Presidential Weddings

By Lori Perkins

Top Image by Adam Schutz. Bottom Image from Ivanka Trump's Instagram

Leave it to the New York Times to put this in perspective with the headline “A Tale of Two Weddings: Trump and Biden.”

Last week I wrestled with whether or not we should cover Tiffany Trump’s wedding at Mar-largo, but decided against it, because all that stood out to me was that catty photo edit by Ivanka Trump removing Kimberly Guilfoyle in her “Maleficent” black dress from the women on the bride’s side family photo op.

But it’s a perfect analogy between the two first families. The Trump wedding was all over the media – every dress, every pose, ad nauseam. The Biden wedding was closed to the press--not even the dress was leaked. It was like two TV shows – the weddings of a The Housewives of Mar-Largo (not Tiffany, but all her relatives) versus a Disney princess. Two palaces – Trump’s ‘Southern White House” in it’s Country Club garish pink and The White House, a true “Southern” mansion in the middle of a city. One was a morning wedding; one was at night. Two distinct versions of an American fairy tale.


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