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Barbiecore is the New Fashion Trend

By Lori Perkins

Get your hot pink on! Barbiecore is coming with vengeance.

As stories and images from the forthcoming Barbie movie, starring Margo Robbie and directed by Greta Gerwig, leak, fashionistas throughout the summer have been donning magenta and brightly colored outfits that could have been worn by our respective Barbie dolls between 1970 and 1995.

The movie opens on July 21st, and I predict we will see a burst of bright color for the rest of the summer, which is a bit if a relief from the pandemiccore that we’ve all been wading through the past two years.

While I’m actually the same age as the Barbie doll, you will not see me in a hot pink halter and six inch heels, I could add a pair of magenta yoga pants to my ensemble and maybe a scarf with some twirling turquoise and chartreuse.

Ryan Gosling will play Ken in the movie, so maybe men’s fashion will get a jolt of color as well.


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