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And Just Like That We’re Not in Our 30’s Anymore

By Lori Perkins

So every woman I know was set to watch the two-decade late sequel to Sex and the City, the show that allowed us all to talk about sex the way we hoped men did (but learned they don’t). We all had high expectations, because this TV show, which ran for six years and captured an early mid-life zeitgeist (yes, women over 27 dating and having sex!).

With a set up like that, it’s no surprise that many were disappointed in the show that premiered its first two episodes (out of 10) on Thursday. As someone who is also no longer in her 30’s, I can tell you that those 20 years of life change you. Life becomes much more than sex and shoes.

And just like that these once sex-obsession fashion-conscious characters (three of the four – Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte – Samantha has been written away) are dealing with parenting teens, changing careers, loss and grief. Not a Cosmopolitan in sight.

I found it truly refreshing to see the children of these women portrayed as young New Yorkers as opposed to adorable Birkin bags or accessories. I also liked how new friendships at an older age where treated.

So I’m in…just like that!


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