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A New Thanksgiving

By Lori Perkins

So COVID-19 is raging through the country, and we have ben warned by doctors and scientists that it’s just not the year to travel and see family, or to even have a large indoor gathering at home.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is for everyone. As I’ve grown older, I have mad a point of inviting chosen family, or adult friends who I know will be alone ion this day.  I firmly believe that no one should go without turkey and companionship on this holiday.

On top of the threat of COVID-19, I am also immunocompromised this year (I’ll write about that at a later date), so there is no way my son and I will be able to have the kind of holiday meal I would truly want.  But I came up with an alternative.

I live in a skyscraper apartment building in New York City and my apartment is part of an alcove consisting of four apartments.  I have lived here for more than two decades, so I know my neighbors well.  We are all single women.  So I decided that I would offer to make the main course (I bought a 20 pound turkey because I do love turkey) and pumpkin pie and ask them to make sides.  We would bring dishes to each other and eat our meal on zoom.

Not perfect, but leaves the fellowship and friendship of Thanksgiving intact, as well as both the physical sharing of the meal.


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