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91 Year-Old Celebrates First Pride This Year

By Lori Perkins

Ken Felts was 89 when he finally came out.

The Denver man had lived a closeted life, served in the Korean War, got married, had a daughter and tried as hard as he could to live a “straight” life even though he said he knew he was gay from the time he was 12.

Of course, the marriage was not a good one, but he loved his only child, a daughter, and was afraid his coming out would alienate her.

Do he waited until he couldn’t wait any more, and found himself writing a memoir about his love for a man named Philip, whose photos and letters he had gotten rid of many years ago ( except one photo). As the written words poured out, he decided he had to confess to his daughter, who, of course, accepted him for who he really was.

Last year, there was nearly no Pride, so Felts didn’t feel compelled to be part of a celebration, but this year he decided he would share his Pride with his close friends on Facebook. He sent a message wishing them, and himself, happy Pride. Except he didn’t just send the message to his friends. He sent it to the public.

And was shocked to see the whole world embrace and celebrate Pride with him.

Happy Pride to all!


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