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2022 Valentine’s Day Candies

By David T. Valentin

It’s February fourth, which means we’re only ten days away from Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is always one of the best days to pick up some really cute treats for either yourself or your partner. Although we advise waiting until after Valentine’s Day for all the great sales all these special little candies go on, we understand it’s a very special day to many.

People magazine made their 2022 list just a few days ago, and just in time for the holiday too. Although some of the newer candies are rehashes of things we’re used to, like heart-shaped Reese’s and cute little gummies from Haribo, there are some unique candies in the list.

There are a few promising ones on the list. Some, like the heart-shaped chocolate gift boxes and Hershey kisses, are sort of a one-time thing. But some of the candies you can combine to get an awesomely cute date night out of, or a relaxing night by yourself, or a fun bonding night with your friends.

For a night together with your partner, snuggled up on the couch to watch movies, we recommend the Stuffed Puffs: Valentine’s Day heart shaped classic chocolate-filled marshmallows. I mean, need I say more? Plop it into your favorite hot chocolate, pull up a blanket and just relax. To add to the experience, you can always pick up the Nick’s: Riding in cars with pints bundle, a giftable bundle of pints of ice cream that’s perfect to last a few days, but also perfect for a friend’s night. You can also put some of the ice-cream in the hot chocolate to add a little extra flavor.

Next up is number 14 on People’s list: Grillo’s make-your-own pickle bouquet kit. Far from romantic is what you’re probably thinking, but I know a few people who would absolutely love getting this for Valentine’s Day.

And then there’s the recommended Valentine’s Day Charcuterie board, packed with gummies, cookies, and all sorts of different stuff; which, like the marshmallows and the ice-cream bundle, is perfect for anyone you might want to share that with.

You can read the rest of the list here.

Of course, Delish has a slew of recommendations for tasty treats and where you might find them in their article here. Most of the treats on Delish’s list are candies, if you or a partner is into that, that's always fine. Though, most of these treats are kind of just generic candies with only their packaging modified. A little boring, if you ask me, but hey, maybe you like that.

If you’re not all too interested in going out and buying some goodies for you or a partner, why not some Valentine’s Day trivia? The writers over at Food & Wine put together a list and pieced together the data from where they found out which Valentine’s Day goodies are the most popular in each state.

At the end of the day, whether you decide to spend Valentine’s Day with your yourself, your partner or a few friends, there is enough variety of goodies for everyone.

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