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Some Old Quirky Halloween Traditions

When it comes to Halloween, the traditions are endless, and surprisingly Halloween is quite full of romantic notions. Ages ago, the idea of looking to any kind of fortune for the prophecy of marriage was no only accepted, but celebrated, especially on Halloween.

For example, fortune telling cakes were a popular tradition for many cultures. The Irish, for instance baked items into a bread in attempts to tell someone’s future relationship status. Finding a stick in the slice would mean an unhappy marriage, a ring meant an upcoming marriage, and a pea would mean no wedding in the near future.

At one point in time the pumpkin was not the star of the Halloween show. Instead the cabbage shared the stage with the pumpkin. It was used as another way to tell a girl’s fortune. A girl would steal a cabbage and put the cabbage over a door. Whoever the cabbage fell on was the man she would marry, in the tale. Additionally, the ends of the cabbage were picked to predict what someone’s future husband would look like.

While the cabbage is a food left in Halloween’s past, so is the hazelnut which was used for single ladies to write their crush’s names on. All the hazelnuts were then thrown into a fire and the ones that burned instead of popping were said to be meant for each other.

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