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Starbucks Still Brings Halloween Delight  With “Secret” Hocus Pocus Drink Tie Ins

image taken from totallythebombdotcom's instagram

Let’s face it. This year Halloween is going to be unlike any other (especially with that full moon on a Saturday night) although we may find that a lot of really good horror fiction gets written during and about this pandemic Halloween.

But one of the things I love about Halloween are the seasonal drinks that are offered, and I’m thrilled to report that Starbucks has come through with a trio of “secret” Hocus Pocus movie tie-in Frappuccino that looks like fun.

According to Totally the Bomb, Starbucks is offering three evilly delicious Frappuccino’s for Halloween. The drinks are inspired by each of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. The secret-menu drink is crafted to match one of the three sisters’ classic outfits and personality. To enjoy the drinks, you have to ask your barista for one of the Totally The Bomb recipes below.

For the Winifred—the lead witch played by Bette Midler—there is the grande green tea Frappuccino with a pump of peppermint and a pump of white mocha syrup. Add whipped cream and strawberry shavings for effect.

For the Sarah—the Sarah Jessica Parker character—ask for the grande Violet Drink with extra berries, but ask them to substitute the coconut milk for soy milk and ask them to double blend it. To complete the drink, request a touch of whipped cream and a sprinkle of ginger powder. The purple and yellow end look expertly brings Sarah’s look to life.

For the Mary—the crazy witch played by Kathy Najimi who flew around on a vacuum cleaner —order a grande strawberries and cream Frappuccino. Then, ask your barista to sub the sweetener for white mocha and mix in a few strawberries while they’re at it. Lastly, ask for strawberry puree and a mocha drizzle on the top and bottom of the drink. And, of course, don’t forget whipped cream!

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