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Chrissy Teigen Loses Pregnancy And Shares Her Grief with Us

Chrissy Teigen has been an outspoken critic of celebrity life, even as she lives it with her “Sexiest Man Alive” husband John Legend and her two young children. They have shared their COVID battle, their family ups and down, and she has even shared more personal female experiences such as infertility, pregnancy and issues with body image and aging.

About three months ago she told us that she and John were surprised that she had conceived during lockdown (because she had had a difficult time conceiving her two children) and that they were overjoyed with the news of the new pregnancy. She also shared that she had had her breast implants removed while pregnant because she didn’t know that she was expecting.

About a month ago, she began mentioning that she was having bleeding during her pregnancy. Two days ago she told us all on Twitter that she was heading to the hospital because the bleeding had continued and was getting heavier.

Last night she posted that she had lost the pregnancy.

What an amazing woman to share this personal grief with the world.

I have so many friends who have lost pregnancies and they have told me that no one really knows that loss and pain until they have experienced it. Chrissy has made all these child-less mothers seen. Thank you for sharing your pain so publicly.

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