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Virtual LGBTQ+ Wedding Streams to 10,000; Makes the NY Times Weddings Page

Image taken by Danielle Lawson

JodyAnn Morgan and Chaya Milchtein circus met at a circus in New York City, moved to the Midwest for a better life, and married at an Indianapolis Airbnb on August 29th in front of a virtual audience of 10,000.

The couple, who both come from families that do not embrace nontraditional couples (Milchtein grew up in a Hasidic household and Morgan is from a religious Jamaican family), so when they united, they created a large group of “found family” hosting Seders, a joint Christmas/Hanukkah celebration and other events for their LGBTQ community when they were in NYC, and again when they moved to the middle of America.

Though they had once hoped to have a giant queer wedding in NYC, COVID changed everything.

The couple decided to share the livestream of their wedding on Facebook, and despite their lack of parental support, they ended up with more than 10,000 virtual wedding guests.

“It was the most incredible experience that we could have ever asked for,” Chaya told Pink News. “It truly is possible to have a unique, passionate, and memorable wedding without people actually being there.”

And, this romantic tale of the security guard who married an auto mechanic made the wedding pages of The New York Times, which is the zenith of marriage status points in a city’s wedding pages dominated by the couplings of celebrities, politicians and money managers.

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