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Fall is Here (even with COVID)

Today is the first day of Fall, and while many annual holiday events might be altered this year to account for safety in the age of Corona, not every Fall activity has been canceled. There are many alternatives to the usual parades and celebrations that we often overlook.

One activity that is a staple to the fall season that is still highly accessible this year is pumpkin patches and apple picking. Even with a mask requirement and possible reservation system in order to promote social distancing, going to these farms provides an outdoor activity that is fun for all ages.

Another alternative activity is visiting your local brewery or winery. With outdoor dining becoming the new norm for the time being and fall weather creating a cool, serene environment, breweries are an excellent option to get a drink and spend time with your friends. And, similarly to pumpkin patches, these locations are usually the perfect spot for a photo op as well.

There is still lots of fun to be had this fall. Haunted houses, hayrides and corn mazes might require a little more safety measures and they are usually very group oriented; but this is not meant to deter people from these activities either. Some businesses are offering drive through haunted houses as an alternative this year to limit the exposure of large gatherings. More than likely, if that’s not an option, you will need to make a reservation ahead of time and check on certain guidelines.

It is imperative to remember that the Coronavirus pandemic has not disappeared, as much as we would like to think as the number of cases continue to decrease. And while the next few months and annual events might be altered and/or cancelled, maybe this Fall season we can reflect on what the holidays are truly meant to celebrate. At the same time, we can still enjoy some activities, even if they look just a little bit different.

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