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Review: Ruth Bader-Ginsberg Biopic On The Basis of Sex is a Love Story for Our Times

There are many ways to look at a story, and if you do some research on the reviews On The Basis of Sex you’ll find them: Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a feminist icon; the movie as a legal thriller, but you won’t find any describing it as a love story, and that’s exactly how I see it. Anything that makes me tear up and has a happy ending between people who love each other is a love story. And if you love that kind of story, you must see this, especially if you have a supportive partner and/or a daughter.

I had read an interview with Ginsberg’s nephew, who wrote the screenplay, about the making of this movie and how his aunt told him to “get Marty right.” She approved the script, and saw the movie, so he said he thinks he did Marty justice.