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Guest Post: Wielding Historical Accuracy Against AOC

Recently there was a bit of a blow up on Twitter when a white author questioned the historical accuracy of an Afro-Latinx author’s upcoming series. Because the questioning author was not aware of travel from Latin America to Europe during the period the books are set, she likened them to historical fantasy.

Twitter blow-ups aren’t unusual, but I thought I’d write a post about this one because it hits close to my own heart. Specifically, the use of the phrase “historically inaccurate” to discredit stories from authors of color and keep us from having a seat at the table.

As an author of books featuring people of color in historical settings, I’ve faced these kinds of remarks many times. I’ve received 1-star reviews stating my book is historically inaccurate because a Black woman and white man wouldn’t get married in the past. And when I don’t write about the townspeople making a fuss about it that’s too unbelievable.