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People are Using Their Phones to  Vibe Much More During the Pandemic

Yes, you read that right.

According to a recent article in Gizmodo, vibrator apps on cell phones are being used to almost excess to get people off (and not off the phone).

The articles states that per Apptopia, since March, the month when the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic started locking the world down, the top 10 vibrator apps worldwide have averaged 1.1 million monthly new downloads globally on iOS and Android. In July, these apps saw at least 1.6 million downloads. A 171% increase over the previous five months, which recorded an average of 404,200 downloads per month, was recorded in this five-month span. That’s a whole lotta shaking going on!

The top five apps downloaded in the past 90 days were Vibrator (894,596), Strong vibration massage for women - Vibrator (853,958), strong vibrator & vibration massager relax body (365,295), Vibrator Massage iVibe (309,496) and Vibrator G Vibrating Massager (203,520).

According to the article, the apps are free to download, but have a tremendous number of ads. But, let’s face it, who’s watching?

Here’s the complete article, in case you don’t believe us, or want some more info.

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