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British Couple Born Hours Apart at the Same Hospital  Marry 23 Years Later

Image taken from The Independent UK

I love stories like this, and I am sure they used to happen a lot more often when we all lived in small towns and everyone knew everyone. But they are rare today.

According to a report in The Independent UK newspaper, James Barsby and Amy Gaffney were born five and a half hours apart at Queen’s Park Hospital, Blackburn in Lancashire in 1995.

The couple, both of whom are twins, grew up in Clitheroe and attended the same school together too growing up. They were distant acquaintances until they were 10, when they developed a close friendship and started “dating” as kids.

Thirteen years later the couple married at St Peter’s Church in Salesbury and celebrated their honeymoon with a trip to Slovenia.

Speaking about their relationship’s uniquely early beginning, the bride “said: “It makes it more like it was just meant to be. I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if it means I can’t have my own birthday.” She explained, “Growing up, we’ve always shared our birthday with our twin brothers, now we share it with each other.

On top of sharing a birthday and being born hours apart at the same hospital, the couple also share a profession. The couple both doctors who are set to begin roles as junior doctors at the same NHS Trust.

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