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Barbie’s Lesbian Wedding

image taken from Danielle Shoffman on Facebook

I never played wedding with my Barbies when I was a kid (my Barbie was a spy torturing GI Joe), but if I did the possibility of two decked out brides would have entertained me for hours.

Well, during this time of endless lockdown, two little girls arranged an elaborate wedding for the Barbie dolls, and their special media savvy Mom, Danielle Shoffman, did a photoshoot which she shared with the world.

The girls created an entire wedding story with hair and make up prep shots, dress fittings and even had a doll dressed as Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice as the officiant of the wedding. The photoshoot ends with the two brides driving off in their pink Barbie convertible with the words “Just Married!” on the back of the car. The proud mom documented it all.

“We had some sad news the other day so to cheer us up my two daughters decided to have some fun making a same-sex Barbie wedding, which I helped photograph!” Shoffman wrote on Facebook.

She added that was raising her daughters in “a very diverse family” composed of several same-sex couples. “I just love seeing how their understanding of the world is reflected in their play and that they know that at the end of the day love is love,” Shoffman continued.

Danielle Shoffman shared the incredible photos of her daughters’ Barbie doll same-sex wedding in a Facebook group for families to share activities in lockdown.

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