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Weddings Continue to Thrive, Pandemic Style

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to keep our lives on hold, thousands of couples around the globe have been forced to cancel or postpone the day that they have looked forward to their whole lives, their wedding. The wedding industry is a $78 billion business that has been heavily impacted and hurt by the pandemic, which won’t recover until a vaccine is finally found.

According to a study by The Knot, 96% of couples postponed their weddings, with 65% for later in 2020 and the rest undecided or scheduled for 2021. However the virus is not stopping everyone from their big, monumental day.

In many states, such as Alabama, Idaho and Georgia, there are less restrictive rules for occupancy in churches and venues. This means that weddings could still occur with hundreds of people with venues unable to completely force people to uphold social distance standards. In comparison, states such as New York and New Jersey still have strict occupancy rules in place

The Cut writer Angelica Chapin found that the private Facebook group “COVID BRIDES” had many brides stating that they would continue on with their weddings with the risk of Coronavirus in the back of their minds. As one bride states, people can choose to have fun or choose to sit around, but no one is forcing them either way. Personal Choice is seemingly huge in these affairs. A bride in Georgia gave out three color bands: “green for ‘okay with hugs & high-fives,’ yellow for ‘okay with talking but not touching,’ and red for ‘Hi! I’m keeping my distance.’ However, the issue lies in the fact that many family members do not agree with the idea of personal choice. Texas was recently forced to reduce their wedding venue capacity from 75% to 50% and outdoor gatherings from 500 to 100 people, drastically forcing couples to cut down their wedding plans.

But it seems that these larger pandemic weddings might be more harmful than magical. In New Delhi, India, a groom who felt sick during his wedding died days later from Coronavirus. Out of the 300 guests there, over 100 tested positive as well. The groom’s parents, despite knowledge that he had been sick, forced the wedding to go on. However, ironically, his bride tested negative for the virus. The mini outbreak in India showcases how detrimental big groups can still be, even if the virus has seemingly decreased.

However, not all weddings are dangerous. While some have gotten married over Zoom or even at protests, some couples have resorted to the idea of drive-thru weddings. The concept of the drive-in has been revitalized during the pandemic, yet instead of watching movies, you can say your “I Do’s” without taking your seatbelt off. In New York City, for $400, a 20-minute service can occur anywhere throughout the city all while staying in your car. allows you to book your wedding with car services, photographers, videographers, and so much more with simply just a click on your computer. In addition to New York, there are drive-thru wedding services in Las Vegas and New Jersey.

While it might be heartbreaking that weddings are being canceled all over the world, maybe, as seen from others' mistakes, that it is for the best. And if you truly cannot wait, there are temporary options, which can be followed by extravagant celebrations later on. Either way, it is proving that not even a pandemic can stop people from havng their magical day.

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