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Sex in the Age of Corona?

Photo: EPA-EFE

So now that much of America is re-opening, a lot of people are going to be meeting their quarantine dates in the real flesh. But how do you go about physical intimacy after 100 days of solitude?

Medical experts insist that we continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash our hands (for at least 20 seconds) once we start going back to work, but what should we do when it comes to sex in the age of Covid-19?

In a CNN article, three Harvard physicians examined the likelihood of coronavirus infection in a number of sexual activities and suggested that for sex between partners who haven't been isolating together people should still wear masks and avoid kissing.

In addition to wearing masks, it was suggested that people who have sex with partners outside of their home should shower before and after. The experts recommended that people avoid sex acts that involve oral transmission of bodily fluids and that they clean up the area afterward with soap or alcohol wipes to reduce the likelihood of infection. We think you should wash those sheets immediately, but the Harvard docs didn’t recommend that.

And, who knows, maybe some kinky folks will come up with a way to make the wearing of masks into a new fetish and we’ll be reading 50 Masks of Grey in the near future.

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