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Finding Motivation in an Un-motivating Time

I am an individual who thrives on routine; I, for most of my 22 years, revolved my life around my schedule, my motivation stemmed from this routine. Take high school, which I’m now five years out from, for example. During these awkward teenage years I made sure to continue the same routine every day, leaving the same time, getting the same coffee order, sitting outside the same locker until classes began, where I then lived my life from bell-to-bell. When in college, my schedule was more flexible, yet I thrived on having 9:30a.m. classes, allowing myself to maintain that same schedule that gave me motivation to get certain things done. But I also found motivation in the things and people that I cherished the most: my friends, my family, the parties that I wanted to go to but NEEDED to get my work done prior to going.