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Father Creates YouTube Channel to Help Children without Father Figures

Having parental figures while growing up is a monumental factor in how children are raised and the people they become. My father is a handyman, but his gardening skills are superb, something I strive to mirror when I get older. My mother, in comparison, has shown me compassion for other people and how to find happiness in even the worst situations. While most people have supporting figures in their life to guide and teach them, many are not as lucky in this area. This ranges from simple tasks like tying a tie to more major aspects of life like understanding connections with others.

Rob Kenney is a man who grew up without a father. The digital age has expanded how people can interact with one another, reaching audiences all over the globe. Kenney has used this to his advantage. Kenney, who now has grown children, has decided to use his lack of a father figure to help those like him by reaching out to the youth in the most influential way possible… through YouTube.

‘Dad, how do I