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The Trikini- Fashion for the Pandemic

photo: Insidefoto/ Backgrid

When the Jersey Shore opens this Memorial Day, will we see Snooki and Jenni WoWW in a Trikini?

The Trikini is the latest development as a result of living worldwide pandemic. It’s a bikini with a matching waterproof face mask, and People Magazine tells us that Kelly Rippa is a fan.

This swimsuit was developed by Tiziana Scaramuzzo, owner of the Italian brand Elexa Beachwear line. According to the Daily Mail, Scaramuzzo told Italian news outlet Centropagina that the idea for her pandemic-safe swimwear “was born joking with the family. The idea was born in the house during quarantine to take photos with my children," she said. "We didn't think it would be this successful." The trikini is currently only available in Italy, but can be shipped internationally, but you can always make a mask to match your bathing suit yourself yourself.

We are sure more full-bodied variations, such as the tritankini and the two-piece mallot are not far behind.

Will there be a male version, the two-speedo?

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