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Love During Quarantine over Facetime

When Cleveland teacher Mike happily sent out a “nice to meet you text” while also showing off a lemon bundt cake he had just baked to a woman he had expected to go on a virtual date with, he quickly found out that the woman had given him a fake number. However, the woman he did reach on the other end was Codie Higer, an up and coming auditioning actor from New York City quarantining with her family. The two got texting and hit it off right away.

As they got to know each other, they exchanged some face photos (so they knew they weren’t being catfished) and decided to host their own virtual date on facetime.

After the pandemic hit the United States, Higer moved away from New York City to Cleveland with her grandmother. She had packed minimally, only bringing a few clothes and absolutely no hair products (as she put it).

Mike is an English teacher living in Cleveland, remote teaching from home ever since the quarantine.

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