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Lesbian Couple Get Married on NYC Street During Quarantine

Like a scene out of a contemporary retelling of West Side Story, two Washington Heights lesbians had a curbside wedding ceremony as the officiator performed the vows from a fourth floor window and a handful of fellow New Yorkers watched from a distance.

It was all, thankfully, captured on camera, and later on posted in social media.

The backstory to this amazing wedding spectacle is a little heart-breaking. According to New York Magazine, Reilley Jennings and Amanda Wheeler were worried that the coronavirus pandemic would dash their fall wedding plans and, more pressingly, potentially impact their health insurance, so they decided to elope but they were disappointed to learn that City Hall had closed the Marriage Bureau midday on Friday. A friend suggested that her husband could marry them that night.

In their wedding finery of sneakers, the couple walked ten blocks to their friend’s Bennett Avenue apartment where the officiating husband read a passage from Love in the Time of Cholera from his apartment window. The whole thing took three minutes.

The most perfectly New York moment amidst a crazy time. The magic of this city, our down AF friends, and most importantly @wheelsfit will never be lost on me. Also. Hire @iknowmattwilson for EVERY WEDDING EVER!

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